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of, Belknap, New Hampshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Betsey B.  Abt 1812of, Belknap, New Hampshire I69999
2 E. J.  Abt 1819of, Belknap, New Hampshire I8269
3 Edith  Abt 1870of, Belknap, New Hampshire I95342
4 Eunice  Abt 1777of, Belknap, New Hampshire I70051
5 Evelyn L.  Abt 1883of, Belknap, New Hampshire I8298
6 Julia  Abt 1844of, Belknap, New Hampshire I70251
7 Lauresa  Abt 1808of, Belknap, New Hampshire I7262
8 Margaret E.  Abt 1820of, Belknap, New Hampshire I71433
9 Marion P.  Abt 1831of, Belknap, New Hampshire I69643
10 Mary  1832of, Belknap, New Hampshire I69675
11 Polly  1812of, Belknap, New Hampshire I8244
12 Sarah  Abt 1757of, Belknap, New Hampshire I9908
13 Susanna  Abt 1743of, Belknap, New Hampshire I69203
14 Adams, Sally T  Abt 1777of, Belknap, New Hampshire I12905
15 Adams, Sarah A  Abt 1816of, Belknap, New Hampshire I7536
16 Andrews, Dwight B  Abt 1897of, Belknap, New Hampshire I37462
17 Attwood, L W Reverend  Abt 1853of, Belknap, New Hampshire I27480
18 Avery, Mary  Abt 1782of, Belknap, New Hampshire I13729
19 Badger, Elizabeth  1792of, Belknap, New Hampshire I33313
20 Badger, Hiram  1805of, Belknap, New Hampshire I33317
21 Badger, Joseph  1 May 1767of, Belknap, New Hampshire I16271
22 Badger, Joseph  1786of, Belknap, New Hampshire I33310
23 Badger, Judith  1788of, Belknap, New Hampshire I33311
24 Badger, Nathaniel  1790of, Belknap, New Hampshire I33312
25 Badger, Parish  1794of, Belknap, New Hampshire I33314
26 Badger, Polly Smith  1800of, Belknap, New Hampshire I13279
27 Badger, Sarah  1796of, Belknap, New Hampshire I33315
28 Baker, Lizzie  Abt 1837of, Belknap, New Hampshire I18198
29 Baker, Lucretia  Abt 1831of, Belknap, New Hampshire I6776
30 Ballard, Milton  Abt 1872of, Belknap, New Hampshire I8296
31 Ballard, Rosamon  Abt 1898of, Belknap, New Hampshire I8297
32 Ballou, Stella  Abt 1860of, Belknap, New Hampshire I7881
33 Bartlett, James  Abt 1788of, Belknap, New Hampshire I69915
34 Bartlett, Joseph  Dec 1797of, Belknap, New Hampshire I14226
35 Bartlett, Satah Elizabeth  17 Jun 1859of, Belknap, New Hampshire I1844
36 Batchelder, Abraham Sawyer  1815of, Belknap, New Hampshire I9638
37 Beane, Chester  Abt 1862of, Belknap, New Hampshire I37765
38 Bedee, Hannah  Abt 1793of, Belknap, New Hampshire I9615
39 Beede, Mary  Abt 1776of, Belknap, New Hampshire I35804
40 Bennett, Harry  Abt 1864of, Belknap, New Hampshire I71148
41 Bennett, Mary  Abt 1771of, Belknap, New Hampshire I18778
42 Blaisdell, Elizabeth F  Abt 1836of, Belknap, New Hampshire I8414
43 Blaisdell, Philip D  Abt 1826of, Belknap, New Hampshire I39729
44 Blake, Abigail M  22 Feb 1844of, Belknap, New Hampshire I7513
45 Blake, Asa P  23 May 1828of, Belknap, New Hampshire I7505
46 Blake, Catherine G  8 Apr 1833of, Belknap, New Hampshire I7508
47 Blake, Edwin Wescott  26 Jun 1835of, Belknap, New Hampshire I7509
48 Blake, Eliza A  25 Mar 1846of, Belknap, New Hampshire I7514
49 Blake, George  Abt 1881of, Belknap, New Hampshire I37682
50 Blake, Isaac  11 Nov 1831of, Belknap, New Hampshire I7507

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Leavitt, Julia M.  12 Feb 1875of, Belknap, New Hampshire I9341
2 Morrill, John J  20 Jan 1892of, Belknap, New Hampshire I185170
3 Sanborn, Nancy  15 Feb 1902of, Belknap, New Hampshire I185171


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Leavitt  Abt 1921of, Belknap, New Hampshire F14741
2 Andrews / Young  Abt 1922of, Belknap, New Hampshire F14949
3 Atwood / Page  Abt 1926of, Belknap, New Hampshire F3151
4 Babycheaux / Rioux  Abt 1903of, Belknap, New Hampshire F26249
5 Badger / Parsons  Abt 1760of, Belknap, New Hampshire F7417
6 Badger / Weeks  8 Jun 1786of, Belknap, New Hampshire F5452
7 Ballard / Leavitt  Abt 1897of, Belknap, New Hampshire F3199
8 Bartlett / Leavitt  Abt 1816of, Belknap, New Hampshire F6225
9 Bartlett / Libbey  Abt 1813of, Belknap, New Hampshire F24352
10 Batchelder / Shelbourne  Abt 1807of, Belknap, New Hampshire F3666
11 Beane / Leavitt  Abt 1879of, Belknap, New Hampshire F6916
12 Bennett / Leavitt  Abt 1889of, Belknap, New Hampshire F24770
13 Bickford / Page  Abt 1799of, Belknap, New Hampshire F6308
14 Blaisdell / Leavitt  Abt 1851of, Belknap, New Hampshire F4131
15 Blake / Dexter  Abt 1906of, Belknap, New Hampshire F14995
16 Blake / Gage  24 Oct 1858of, Belknap, New Hampshire F2811
17 Blake / Huse  16 Jan 1861of, Belknap, New Hampshire F2809
18 Blake / Johnson  19 May 1866of, Belknap, New Hampshire F2812
19 Blake / Robinson  Abt 1827of, Belknap, New Hampshire F2798
20 Blake / Robinson  Abt 1835of, Belknap, New Hampshire F2803
21 Blood / Leavitt  Abt 1866of, Belknap, New Hampshire F24206
22 Breck / Haskell  Abt 1906of, Belknap, New Hampshire F3146
23 Brooks / Leavitt  Abt 1916of, Belknap, New Hampshire F3205
24 Brown / Colby  Abt 1790of, Belknap, New Hampshire F2876
25 Bryant / Bartlett  Abt 1849of, Belknap, New Hampshire F6229
26 Bryant / Bouley  Abt 1895of, Belknap, New Hampshire F15894
27 Bryant / Drake  Abt 1887of, Belknap, New Hampshire F15893
28 Bryant / Salisbury  Abt 1811of, Belknap, New Hampshire F30182
29 Bryer / Morgan  Abt 1771of, Belknap, New Hampshire F4520
30 Bunten / Batchelder  Abt 1829of, Belknap, New Hampshire F7505
31 Burnham / Leavitt  10 Aug 1856of, Belknap, New Hampshire F24126
32 Burpee / Robinson  Abt 1837of, Belknap, New Hampshire F2821
33 Busiel /   Abt 1852of, Belknap, New Hampshire F2546
34 Buswell / Leavitt  Abt 1809of, Belknap, New Hampshire F7494
35 Buswell / Leavitt  Abt 1811of, Belknap, New Hampshire F7243
36 Carr / Leavitt  Abt 1810of, Belknap, New Hampshire F4845
37 Caverly / Leavitt  Abt 1855of, Belknap, New Hampshire F7778
38 Chandler / Leavitt  30 Nov 1862of, Belknap, New Hampshire F7948
39 Charles / O'Brien  Abt 1882of, Belknap, New Hampshire F14766
40 Chase / Chase  Abt 1781of, Belknap, New Hampshire F24048
41 Chase / Gordon  14 Feb 1836of, Belknap, New Hampshire F14719
42 Chase / Leavitt  23 Nov 1809of, Belknap, New Hampshire F24235
43 Chellis / Leavitt  Abt 1784of, Belknap, New Hampshire F5385
44 Cheney / Cheney  31 Dec 1834of, Belknap, New Hampshire F8654
45 Cheney / Cheney  10 Dec 1845of, Belknap, New Hampshire F8655
46 Cheney / Cheney  Jun 1847of, Belknap, New Hampshire F8656
47 Cheney / Leavitt  25 May 1907of, Belknap, New Hampshire F3194
48 Cheney / Mc Nab  12 Sep 1849of, Belknap, New Hampshire F8659
49 Cheney / Rice  Abt 1843of, Belknap, New Hampshire F7222
50 Clark / Cheney  28 Mar 1830of, Belknap, New Hampshire F8653

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