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Windsor, Kennebec, Maine



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barton, Martha M.  4 Jul 1848Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I178101
2 Choate, Aaron  17 May 1792Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I95341
3 Colburn, Grace A  4 Aug 1871Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I5408
4 Dunlap, Caroline  Cal 1851Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I73937
5 Dunlap, James  27 Jan 1819Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I58723
6 Dunlap, James Albert  Apr 1858Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I74459
7 Dunlap, Jenette  Cal 1855Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I73936
8 Dunlap, Matilda  8 Aug 1848Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I74458
9 Dunlap, Melissa Ann  9 Sep 1844Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I73938
10 Harriman, Lewis H.  1 Apr 1841Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I76271
11 Hawes, Sumner  10 Oct 1829Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I125654
12 Hewitt, Amos Dakin  4 Apr 1827Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I172056
13 Hysom, Jeremy D.  12 Nov 1839Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I178830
14 Kennison, Ellen Jane  21 Jun 1834Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I181252
15 Longfellow, Adelia B  Cal 1865Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67177
16 Longfellow, Almena C.  Cal 1868Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67200
17 Longfellow, Anna Ruth  Cal 1852Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67205
18 Longfellow, Charles I.  24 Jun 1849Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67189
19 Longfellow, Daniel V  Cal 1864Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67203
20 Longfellow, Elizabeth  Cal 1864Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67178
21 Longfellow, Ella J  Cal 1855Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67201
22 Longfellow, Jonathan J. Jr  Jun 1860Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67179
23 Longfellow, Laura A.  22 Jan 1865Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67181
24 Longfellow, Lucretia  25 Aug 1847Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67204
25 Longfellow, Mark or Marcellus  Cal 1862Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67190
26 Longfellow, Sarah  Cal 1856Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67180
27 Lyon, Samuel Everett  Cal 1874Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I155122
28 Marson, Blanch  Mar 1877Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I155112
29 Marson, George L.  3 Jun 1839Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I155091
30 Marson, Laura  14 Mar 1810Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I76313
31 Marson, Sadie B.  Cal 1872Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I155113
32 Marson, William Frederic  2 Oct 1840Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I155119
33 Mitchell, Jones  15 Jan 1818Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67149
34 Morton, Christopher Columbus  4 Jan 1827Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67143
35 Morton, Clara A  28 Feb 1847Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67137
36 Morton, Clara A.  18 Aug 1846Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67151
37 Morton, Daniel W.  30 Sep 1836Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67147
38 Morton, Elizabeth Jane  14 Jun 1829Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67148
39 Morton, James Madison  6 Feb 1834Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67142
40 Morton, Lois A.  24 Jul 1844Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67152
41 Morton, Marquis L.  12 Oct 1841Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67146
42 Morton, Robert  1 Aug 1802Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I54201
43 Morton, Robert Augusta  7 Jul 1831Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67141
44 Morton, Victoria Matilda  31 Dec 1838Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67139
45 Norton, Francis J.  16 May 1839Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I164749
46 Seekins, Henrietta Hannah  22 May 1841Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I13275
47 Seekins, Theodore  14 Jun 1835Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I15464
48 Sproul, William Henry  17 Aug 1830Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I177333
49 Taber, Arthur E  26 Oct 1868Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I182983
50 Tyler, Frank  16 Feb 1853Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67202

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Choate, Eliza  17 Nov 1821Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I54212


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barton, Abbie F.  9 Apr 1911Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I155090
2 Choate, Eliza  7 Dec 1861Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I54212
3 Dunlap, Melissa Ann  22 Feb 1862Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I73938
4 Esterbrook, Sarah  24 Dec 1849Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I54213
5 Gurrell, Jane  14 Jun 1853Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I54195
6 Hawes, Sumner Willis Wilson  24 Jan 1964Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I125660
7 Leavitt, Sarah  Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I4363
8 Longfellow, Jonathan J. Jr  1940Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67179
9 Longfellow, Jonathan Jones  1886Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I54203
10 Longfellow, Lucretia  14 Jul 1903Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67204
11 Marson, Edward  26 Jan 1870Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I155115
12 Marson, George L.  28 Oct 1896Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I155091
13 Marson, William Frederic  28 Nov 1884Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I155119
14 Taber, Arthur E  19 Jun 1951Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I182983
15 Vining, Daniel Aaron  10 Feb 1890Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I54211
16 Vining, Eleanor M.  18 Feb 1873Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I68211
17 Vining, Harriet  25 Jun 1816Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I155072
18 Vining, Jonathan  22 Nov 1855Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I54194
19 Vining, Laura Ann  1887Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I54202
20 Vining, Lucretia N.  25 Jun 1846Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I96047
21 Vining, Mary E.  2 Oct 1876Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67208


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Choate, Eliza  Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I54212
2 Esterbrook, Sarah  Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I54213
3 Gurrell, Jane  Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I54195
4 Taber, Arthur E  Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I182983
5 Vining, Daniel Aaron  Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I54211
6 Vining, Eleanor M.  Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I68211
7 Vining, Jonathan  Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I54194
8 Vining, Lucretia N.  Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I96047
9 Vining, Marcellus  Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I68210
10 Vining, Mary E.  Windsor, Kennebec, Maine I67208


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Appleton / Merrill  6 Feb 1845Windsor, Kennebec, Maine F64091
2 Clough / Vining  8 Dec 1836Windsor, Kennebec, Maine F31480
3 Goud / Marson  11 Dec 1889Windsor, Kennebec, Maine F54040
4 Hawes / Taylor  31 Mar 1946Windsor, Kennebec, Maine F4264
5 Longfellow / Marson  12 Dec 1886Windsor, Kennebec, Maine F54030
6 Longfellow / Vining  25 Feb 1847Windsor, Kennebec, Maine F27839
7 Marson / Given  4 Feb 1827Windsor, Kennebec, Maine F54043
8 Mitchell / Morton  30 Jan 1849Windsor, Kennebec, Maine F34804
9 Morton / Vining  9 Apr 1826Windsor, Kennebec, Maine F27838
10 Nash / Hewitt  11 Sep 1887Windsor, Kennebec, Maine F61347
11 Vining / Choate  19 Jul 1851Windsor, Kennebec, Maine F28688

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