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Murray, Salt Lake, Utah



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnett, Wilmer Dale  19 Apr 1942Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I49148
2 Brady, Kim Lindsay  17 Jan 1955Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I74539
3 Bringhurst, Beverly  6 Dec 1932Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I93828
4 Bringhurst, Theron Lewis  10 Dec 1911Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I81825
5 Christensen, Rose Elvina  15 Apr 1887Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I95772
6 Forbush, Dorothy Isabelle  9 Nov 1917Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I144863
7 Forbush, Ellen Rose  13 Sep 1922Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I145047
8 Forbush, Eva R.  8 Jan 1898Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I144000
9 Forbush, Everett Francis  21 Apr 1900Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I144778
10 Forbush, Harold Delwyn  16 Dec 1915Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I145051
11 Forbush, Lawrence Burnett  15 Feb 1910Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I144533
12 Forbush, William Wallace  2 Aug 1913Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I144029
13 Frame, Zanaan  18 Sep 1916Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I34258
14 Froelich  17 Apr 1932Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I92084
15 Greenwood, Karen Louise  24 Mar 1938Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I144925
16 Greenwood, Sandra Lovell  20 Aug 1942Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I145063
17 Hall, Mary Eleanor  5 Sep 1942Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I79988
18 Huffaker, William Vasco  27 Sep 1895Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I119595
19 Jacobs, Richard Breon  28 Sep 1926Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I108832
20 Johanson, Ethel Delia  24 Dec 1897Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I134507
21 Lambson, Martin Paul  16 Dec 1962Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I46880
22 Martin, Erma Sarah  7 May 1910Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I90191
23 Miles, Trent Philip  12 Oct 1982Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I81689
24 Miller, Kim Daniel  20 Nov 1983Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I143135
25 Page, Neesha  29 May 1985Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I79565
26 Randall, Alta  1 Mar 1896Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I91372
27 Randall, Isabell  15 Dec 1898Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I91370
28 Reynolds, Vivian Ladella  19 Nov 1907Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I92366
29 Sampson, Mary Anne  23 Apr 1957Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I129150
30 Startin, Melba Kaye  19 Apr 1942Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I46855
31 Stewart, Ernest Glenn  18 Jul 1906Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I74046
32 Talbot, Rebecca  17 Sep 1981Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I66780
33 Talbot, Zachary David  29 Sep 1980Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I66779
34 Tyler, Craig Ivan  8 Jun 1972Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I98800
35 van Komen, Sarah Jane  3 Feb 1981Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I65885
36 van Sickle, Jack Jex  6 Jul 1927Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I142923
37 Williams, Arthur Hughes  19 Mar 1879Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I20721
38 Williams, Ray Virgil  16 Jun 1906Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I20723
39 Wright, Cleo Mark  3 Jan 1925Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I95164


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Hall, Mary Eleanor  6 Sep 1942Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I79988
2 Huffaker, William Vasco  6 Feb 1986Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I119595
3 Randall, Alta  7 May 1896Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I91372
4 Randall, Isabell  5 Mar 1899Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I91370


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Izetta Lovica  19 Oct 1961Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I38199
2 Ashby, John Latham  4 Dec 1948Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I134092
3 Bigler, Alice Lorette  18 Aug 1972Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I49275
4 Brimhall, Hannah  12 Oct 1978Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I145010
5 Brimhall, Lucille  29 Sep 1999Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I143898
6 Butler, Joycel  7 Sep 1978Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I113844
7 Caldwell, Genevieve  17 Jun 2005Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I60310
8 Carter, Susan Machell  16 Mar 1986Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I114338
9 Castleton, Andrew Will  24 May 1979Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I89592
10 Challis, Arthur Daniel  14 Dec 1971Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I101306
11 Challis, Donald William M.D.  17 Aug 2002Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I53404
12 Christensen, Juan "F"  21 Feb 1980Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I94043
13 Croft, Dora Leona  10 Nov 1969Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I42731
14 Eustance, Lemuel John  1 Sep 1950Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I93489
15 Fish, Charles Riggs  1 Jun 1987Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I39658
16 Fish, Emma Inez  3 Mar 2002Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I39583
17 Fish, Grace  11 May 2008Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I39672
18 Fish, Roland Woodruff  5 Jun 1987Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I29353
19 Forbush, Eva R.  3 Nov 1962Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I144000
20 Forbush, Orval Lester  17 Jul 1983Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I144964
21 Fullmer, Jay Howard  3 Jan 1996Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I52826
22 Gardner, Carrie Irene  25 Jan 1973Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I127814
23 Grant, Carter Eldredge  28 Sep 1972Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I42623
24 Hall, Mary Eleanor  6 Sep 1942Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I79988
25 Hyer, Merle Gilbert  1 Jul 1986Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I82042
26 LeFevre, William Robinson  28 Apr 1970Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I53029
27 Leishman, Idonna "Donna"  17 Jul 1997Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I20529
28 Lloyd, Erdria  24 Mar 1980Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I52062
29 Lyman, Frank Carlyle  3 Oct 1978Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I49276
30 McCleery, Walter Edgar  5 Feb 1975Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I144971
31 McGregor, Sarah Estella  28 Nov 1965Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I53030
32 Miles, Trent Philip  12 Oct 1982Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I81689
33 Miller, Claude  12 Apr 1954Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I41895
34 Oblad, Mary Elena  11 Aug 1939Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I145059
35 Page, Neesha  7 Jan 1986Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I79565
36 Parson, Chancy  8 Sep 1978Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I118208
37 Pehrson, Emma Elizabeth  8 May 1967Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I26345
38 Pike, John Alexander  10 Jan 1981Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I145650
39 Porter, Myrtle Knight  9 Aug 1998Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I25402
40 Poulsen, Kenneth Martin  27 Nov 2004Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I131268
41 Poulsen, Lena Matilda  16 Aug 1981Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I131220
42 Reber, Leonard  Aug 1983Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I21857
43 Smith, David Wilkin  13 Jun 1979Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I42730
44 Smith, Pamela Emeline  6 Oct 1965Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I42622
45 Sprague, Sarah  18 May 1951Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I168654
46 Talbot, Rebecca  17 Sep 1981Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I66780
47 Terry, Thelda Lavella  30 Jun 1985Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I94218
48 Timothy, Joseph Jr  13 Apr 1967Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I133306
49 Winger, Nora Alice  16 May 1965Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I93571
50 Wright, Cleo Mark  11 Oct 1984Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I95164

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Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Ashby, John Latham  7 Dec 1948Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I134092
2 Bacon, Edmund Delos  22 Oct 1911Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I127793
3 Bradford, Archibald or Archie  Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I119602
4 Bradford, Roswell  15 Oct 1897Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I119576
5 Brimhall, Hannah  16 Oct 1978Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I145010
6 Bringhurst, Louis Scott  Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I93673
7 Challis, Donald William M.D.  22 Aug 2002Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I53404
8 Crosby, Jessie Maude  31 Aug 1976Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I93672
9 Davis, Ebbie Henry  8 May 1992Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I38954
10 Eustance, Lemuel John  7 Sep 1950Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I93489
11 Fish, Verna  24 May 2012Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I39673
12 Forbush, Loren Ezra  22 Mar 1914Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I144098
13 Forbush, Rufus Francis  14 Jul 1948Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I144545
14 Gardner, Jane  25 Feb 1907Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I119585
15 Gardner, Rebecca or Rebekah  18 Mar 1948Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I127799
16 Holst, Faye Lualta  Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I93490
17 Hurd, Zella May  19 Jun 1972Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I145651
18 Jensen, Roiva Miller  25 Jan 1986Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I95014
19 Leavitt, Susan Michelle  Nov 1949Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I114133
20 Lloyd, Erdria  28 Mar 1980Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I52062
21 Miller, Claude  15 Apr 1954Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I41895
22 Murray, Douglas Jeremiah  Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I52061
23 Pickup, Mabelle Larane  27 Mar 1986Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I134304
24 Pike, John Alexander  14 Jan 1981Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I145650
25 Quan, Brian David  8 May 1975Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I63238
26 Quan, Mathew Joseph  17 Jun 1989Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I63245
27 Richardson, Mary Alpha  Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I93381
28 Taylor, Ira Jessop  5 Apr 1975Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I93566
29 Terry, Mary Loanna  2 Feb 1939Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I95021
30 Thompson, Larry Edward  20 Oct 2001Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I26908
31 Thompson, Trevor Larry  20 Oct 2001Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I92405
32 Timothy, Delbert  22 May 1972Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I133121
33 Winger, Nora Alice  19 May 1965Murray, Salt Lake, Utah I93571


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Forbush / Clark  28 Nov 1921Murray, Salt Lake, Utah F50074

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