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Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Batchelder, Alice  1774Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I18199
2 Buswell, Ella Mary  22 Mar 1883Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I17064
3 Buswell, Guy Hanson  3 Feb 1871Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I17063
4 Buswell, Lena F  25 Aug 1872Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I17060
5 Corey, Jonathan  1842Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I107445
6 Corey, Leavitt  1835Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I18022
7 Corey, Mary  Abt 1828Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I18024
8 Corey, Samuel  Abt 1832Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I18026
9 Eastman, Betsy Ann  1 Aug 1821Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I14249
10 Eastman, Charlotte  20 Aug 1816Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I14248
11 Eastman, Erasmus Darwin  9 Mar 1831Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I18675
12 Eastman, Harry  21 Apr 1815Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12981
13 Eastman, Jeremiah  21 Oct 1790Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I14247
14 Eastman, Lorenzo Dow  26 Feb 1825Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I18678
15 Eastman, Marshall  22 Apr 1823Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I18679
16 Eastman, Mary  22 Apr 1833Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I14250
17 Eastman, Rosina  28 Jun 1818Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I15730
18 Emery, Eaton  Cal 1820Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I137663
19 Hall, Elvira  7 Jul 1848Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I16751
20 Hall, Rufus  18 Mar 1844Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I18432
21 Leavitt, Ada Bernice  3 Feb 1880Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I39994
22 Leavitt, Alice M.  Jul 1824Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I18409
23 Leavitt, Alice S  19 Feb 1865Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I15612
24 Leavitt, Almond Orlando  25 Jan 1828Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I15589
25 Leavitt, Anna  7 Nov 1813Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I29933
26 Leavitt, Azariah Bliss Martin  4 Feb 1850Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I16432
27 Leavitt, Bertha Adele  24 May 1871Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I14476
28 Leavitt, Betsey  17 Nov 1791Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12699
29 Leavitt, Carl S  3 Jan 1874Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I15613
30 Leavitt, Charles H  Cal 1844Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I15251
31 Leavitt, Cynthia Jane  31 Aug 1818Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I18190
32 Leavitt, Cyrus S  15 Feb 1808Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I16457
33 Leavitt, Dana Storrs  13 Sep 1852Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I40281
34 Leavitt, Dearborn Dudley  19 Feb 1832Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I15591
35 Leavitt, Dudley Dr  18 Feb 1798Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I17231
36 Leavitt, Elias  8 Jun 1835Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I14161
37 Leavitt, Ella Louise  5 Jun 1878Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I39993
38 Leavitt, Ellen Agnes  19 May 1879Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I15853
39 Leavitt, Emily S  27 Apr 1830Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I18184
40 Leavitt, Hannah  25 Sep 1802Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12595
41 Leavitt, Hannah  Abt 1820Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I15293
42 Leavitt, Harriet Belle "Hattie"  9 Jan 1861Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I15558
43 Leavitt, Henry  9 Nov 1839Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I13900
44 Leavitt, Hiram Lewis  2 Apr 1824Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12544
45 Leavitt, Jeremiah  1808Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12754
46 Leavitt, John  Abt 1804Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I15287
47 Leavitt, John Tyler  23 May 1842Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I14935
48 Leavitt, Jonathan  24 Jun 1818Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12883
49 Leavitt, Jonathan  1820Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I14478
50 Leavitt, Joseph  1814Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I15291

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Batchelder, Samuel  7 Jan 1822Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I146481
2 Bliss, Rachel D  16 Feb 1853Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12786
3 Burnham, Susan  11 May 1839Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12788
4 Hayward, Uzziel  15 Oct 1826Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I122656
5 Leavitt, Dudley  29 Dec 1839Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I16461
6 Leavitt, Hannah  26 Jan 1839Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I16464
7 Leavitt, John  30 Oct 1854Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12785
8 Leavitt, John  8 Mar 1868Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12808
9 Leavitt, Josiah  1865Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I16462
10 Leavitt, Mary  28 Aug 1886Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I15491
11 Leavitt, Mary or Polly  14 Sep 1858Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I13291
12 Leavitt, Mehettable  12 Oct 1842Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I14978
13 Leavitt, Nathaniel  18 Feb 1824Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I78160
14 Leavitt, William Burnham Twin  19 Sep 1895Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I14982
15 Leavitt, Willie  26 Aug 1872Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I15252
16 Prescott, Hannah  26 Jan 1839Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I18207
17 Sanborn, Lydia  30 Oct 1827Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I13230
18 Story, Isaac  14 Oct 1807Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12791
19 Wentworth, Anna  16 Sep 1810Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I122657


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bliss, Rachel D  Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12786
2 Burnham, Susan  Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12788
3 Leavitt  Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I14951
4 Leavitt, Alice M.  Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I18409
5 Leavitt, Hattie P.  Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I40121
6 Leavitt, John  Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I12785
7 Leavitt, John  Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I14954
8 Leavitt, Julia M.  Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I146480
9 Leavitt, Lovina C  Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I15248
10 Leavitt, Lucinda  Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I18408
11 Leavitt, Marinda P.  Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I13178
12 Leavitt, Martin Van Buran  Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I15250
13 Leavitt, Nathaniel  Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I78160
14 Leavitt, Sophrona M  Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire I18411


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Alexander / Leavitt  9 Feb 1820Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire F6946
2 Eastman / Leavitt  Dec 1844Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire F5193
3 Hayward / Leavitt  2 May 1830Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire F4775
4 Leavitt / Delano  6 Mar 1817Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire F5056
5 Rowell / Moore  2 Jan 1825Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire F36549
6 Sleeper / Leavitt  16 Jun 1831Grantham, Sullivan, New Hampshire F5343

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