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Brooklyn, Kings, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alden, Jennie Elizabeth  16 Jul 1878Brooklyn, Kings, New York I162955
2 Alden, Lillian B  Cal 1881Brooklyn, Kings, New York I162956
3 Austin, Marcia Lydia  25 Mar 1868Brooklyn, Kings, New York I126754
4 Bartholomew, Edith  4 Jan 1878Brooklyn, Kings, New York I136270
5 Bartholomew, Edward Walter  18 Oct 1834Brooklyn, Kings, New York I136257
6 Bartholomew, Edward Walter  25 May 1867Brooklyn, Kings, New York I136269
7 Bartholomew, Emma Agatha  21 Aug 1865Brooklyn, Kings, New York I136268
8 Bartholomew, Emmeline Agatha  5 Feb 1837Brooklyn, Kings, New York I136258
9 Bartholomew, Henry Ackerman  5 Feb 1839Brooklyn, Kings, New York I136259
10 Bartholomew, Laura Caroline  25 May 1863Brooklyn, Kings, New York I136267
11 Bartholomew, Margaret Elizabeth  6 Nov 1860Brooklyn, Kings, New York I136265
12 Bartholomew, Zoe  24 Apr 1879Brooklyn, Kings, New York I136272
13 Brewster, Robert Stevens  10 May 1898Brooklyn, Kings, New York I147248
14 Brown, Austa Ruth  27 May 1896Brooklyn, Kings, New York I89576
15 Brown, Helen Taylor  6 Oct 1899Brooklyn, Kings, New York I89570
16 Brown, May Isabel  1 May 1891Brooklyn, Kings, New York I89585
17 Brown, Robert Alling  29 Mar 1898Brooklyn, Kings, New York I89575
18 Brown, Theodora Elizabeth  30 May 1893Brooklyn, Kings, New York I89579
19 Brown, William James  10 Sep 1857Brooklyn, Kings, New York I79146
20 Chauncey, Daniel Jr.  8 Nov 1850Brooklyn, Kings, New York I32070
21 Chauncey, Grace  1 Nov 1879Brooklyn, Kings, New York I47318
22 Dimon, Margaret  30 Oct 1838Brooklyn, Kings, New York I172663
23 Dunton, Harold Wellington  17 Aug 1909Brooklyn, Kings, New York I66298
24 Estabrooks, Charles  18 Aug 1894Brooklyn, Kings, New York I85399
25 Fales, Rebecca Elizabeth  7 Sep 1865Brooklyn, Kings, New York I71870
26 Gardiner, Harriet Howell  17 Nov 1845Brooklyn, Kings, New York I9837
27 Greene, Chester  22 Mar 1888Brooklyn, Kings, New York I94988
28 Greene, Clarence A.  17 May 1881Brooklyn, Kings, New York I170024
29 Hartt, Marie Emma  3 Oct 1831Brooklyn, Kings, New York I15494
30 Hennessey, Hannah G.  Oct 1859Brooklyn, Kings, New York I171844
31 Hoell, Anna  13 Oct 1884Brooklyn, Kings, New York I108
32 Hooper, Elliott Holden  29 May 1916Brooklyn, Kings, New York I157550
33 Howe, Anna  12 Jul 1845Brooklyn, Kings, New York I141921
34 Howe, Charles Albert  1 Jun 1843Brooklyn, Kings, New York I141920
35 Howe, Edward Leavitt  8 Mar 1839Brooklyn, Kings, New York I141918
36 Howe, Elizabeth Leavitt  26 Feb 1841Brooklyn, Kings, New York I141919
37 Howe, Fisher  13 Aug 1833Brooklyn, Kings, New York I141916
38 Howe, Leavitt  1 Jun 1835Brooklyn, Kings, New York I141917
39 Howe, Leavitt  24 Nov 1836Brooklyn, Kings, New York I18647
40 Hughes, George Franklyn  30 Oct 1910Brooklyn, Kings, New York I79898
41 Hunt, Cornelius Donald  19 Jul 1899Brooklyn, Kings, New York I79136
42 Kammerer, George Robert Louis  18 Feb 1914Brooklyn, Kings, New York I147252
43 Kammerer, Louis  18 Nov 1885Brooklyn, Kings, New York I147249
44 Lang, Evelyn Washburn  26 Apr 1918Brooklyn, Kings, New York I70017
45 Leavitt, David  25 Aug 1833Brooklyn, Kings, New York I15582
46 Leavitt, James Taylor  30 Jul 1833Brooklyn, Kings, New York I15544
47 Leavitt, Samuel Cox  26 Sep 1835Brooklyn, Kings, New York I15545
48 LeConte, Julia Marie  10 Oct 1875Brooklyn, Kings, New York I79145
49 Littlefield, Annette  6 Mar 1934Brooklyn, Kings, New York I126002
50 Lofgren, John Alexander  9 Sep 1881Brooklyn, Kings, New York I173719

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Atwood, Jennie Lottie  2 Oct 1947Brooklyn, Kings, New York I177611
2 Austin, Marcia Lydia  28 Nov 1868Brooklyn, Kings, New York I126754
3 Bidwell, Charles Terry  3 Sep 1922Brooklyn, Kings, New York I141996
4 Brown, Austa Ruth  9 Feb 1898Brooklyn, Kings, New York I89576
5 Burr, Hannah Emeline  1 Aug 1899Brooklyn, Kings, New York I177066
6 Busha, Mary Elizabeth  11 Nov 1917Brooklyn, Kings, New York I182656
7 Cook, Caroline V.  29 Oct 1934Brooklyn, Kings, New York I187213
8 Dunton, Harlow Erwin  6 Jun 1916Brooklyn, Kings, New York I66291
9 Evans, Lucy  12 Dec 1876Brooklyn, Kings, New York I154114
10 Lott, Harriet Augusta  10 Feb 1920Brooklyn, Kings, New York I187179
11 Morch, John Henry  9 Aug 1934Brooklyn, Kings, New York I10825
12 Northrup, Daniel W.  9 Jun 1893Brooklyn, Kings, New York I187182
13 Rowell, Ella Marie  27 Jun 1928Brooklyn, Kings, New York I66290
14 Sanborn, Nestor H.  1 Dec 1935Brooklyn, Kings, New York I187236
15 Spaulding, James Greenleaf  8 Apr 1910Brooklyn, Kings, New York I151661
16 Squier, Lucien Bertrand Jr.  10 Mar 1911Brooklyn, Kings, New York I180071
17 Taylor, George Lansing  26 Jul 1903Brooklyn, Kings, New York I79018
18 Winchell, Austa Malinda  25 Oct 1880Brooklyn, Kings, New York I79020
19 Wintringham, Helen Elizabeth  2 Jan 1917Brooklyn, Kings, New York I180070
20 Young or Yung, Eva  11 Nov 1889Brooklyn, Kings, New York I10599


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cooley, Mary Catherine  Brooklyn, Kings, New York I17685
2 Leavitt  Brooklyn, Kings, New York I36891
3 Leavitt, Cooley Ayer  Brooklyn, Kings, New York I17396
4 Leavitt, George Ayer Jr.  Brooklyn, Kings, New York I17398
5 Leavitt, Henry Davis  Brooklyn, Kings, New York I17400
6 Leavitt, Jonathan  Brooklyn, Kings, New York I12881
7 Leavitt, Warren Ransom  Brooklyn, Kings, New York I17403
8 Leavitt, William Edward  Brooklyn, Kings, New York I17401
9 Leavitt, William Robert  Brooklyn, Kings, New York I15229
10 Lott, Harriet Augusta  1920Brooklyn, Kings, New York I187179
11 McAlpine, Katherine Douglas  Brooklyn, Kings, New York I36888
12 Merry, Maria Elizabeth  Brooklyn, Kings, New York I36908
13 Northrup, Daniel Weir  Brooklyn, Kings, New York I187181
14 Patterson, Angelica  Brooklyn, Kings, New York I12882
15 Sanborn, Dora  Brooklyn, Kings, New York I187180
16 Sanborn, Nestor H.  3 Dec 1935Brooklyn, Kings, New York I187236
17 Taylor, George Lansing  1903Brooklyn, Kings, New York I79018
18 Winslow, Elizabeth Coit  Brooklyn, Kings, New York I36906


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Austin / Slack  18 Oct 1865Brooklyn, Kings, New York F43755
2 Bartholomew / McDonald  18 Sep 1866Brooklyn, Kings, New York F46917
3 Brown / Taylor  26 Jun 1890Brooklyn, Kings, New York F27263
4 Cameron / Olts  23 May 1903Brooklyn, Kings, New York F29632
5 Carpenter / Taylor  18 Jun 1896Brooklyn, Kings, New York F27266
6 Chauncey / Raymond  25 Apr 1877Brooklyn, Kings, New York F27506
7 Cozzens / Chipman  1 Jan 1920Brooklyn, Kings, New York F11671
8 Dearborn / Hall  20 Oct 1908Brooklyn, Kings, New York F26214
9 Estabrooks / Freude  19 Apr 1888Brooklyn, Kings, New York F29088
10 Feinauer / Niederlein  1 Sep 1937Brooklyn, Kings, New York F32544
11 Howard / Jenkins  28 Nov 1866Brooklyn, Kings, New York F12158
12 Leavitt / Wells  1842Brooklyn, Kings, New York F5589
13 Merrill / Larkin  1870Brooklyn, Kings, New York F52784
14 Morch / Young or Yung  18 Jan 1888Brooklyn, Kings, New York F4018
15 Schubert / Krenkle  2 Jul 1852Brooklyn, Kings, New York F55177
16 Squier / Wintringham  25 Feb 1891Brooklyn, Kings, New York F65151
17 Turin / Leavitt  Sep 1914Brooklyn, Kings, New York F1663
18 Woodard / Cogswell  3 Jul 1894Brooklyn, Kings, New York F41511

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