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of, Coos, New Hampshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Joanna  Abt 1748of, Coos, New Hampshire I10194
2 Nancy  Abt 1796of, Coos, New Hampshire I6545
3 Susanna  1825of, Coos, New Hampshire I1326
4 Applebee, Laura  Abt 1818of, Coos, New Hampshire I75866
5 Baldwin, Elmer J  Abt 1855of, Coos, New Hampshire I2048
6 Baldwin, Walter James  7 Aug 1875of, Coos, New Hampshire I2047
7 Bellows  Abt 1861of, Coos, New Hampshire I1274
8 Bickford  Abt 1863of, Coos, New Hampshire I1324
9 Bickford  Abt 1865of, Coos, New Hampshire I1323
10 Bickford  Abt 1867of, Coos, New Hampshire I1322
11 Blake, Elvira A  Abt 1829of, Coos, New Hampshire I2051
12 Boober, Lottie H  Abt 1829of, Coos, New Hampshire I2050
13 Booth, Madgetta Denise  Abt 1877of, Coos, New Hampshire I8610
14 Bradford, Nellie  Abt 1866of, Coos, New Hampshire I36630
15 Carberry, Reina J  Abt 1903of, Coos, New Hampshire I2033
16 Chase, Albert S  1848of, Coos, New Hampshire I74816
17 Chase, Almon Edwin  1894of, Coos, New Hampshire I75892
18 Chase, Clarence  1879of, Coos, New Hampshire I75872
19 Chase, George H  1874of, Coos, New Hampshire I75871
20 Chase, Henry  1873of, Coos, New Hampshire I75870
21 Chase, Ida  1871of, Coos, New Hampshire I75869
22 Chase, Leon W  1896of, Coos, New Hampshire I75893
23 Cole  Abt 1823of, Coos, New Hampshire I3641
24 Cole  Abt 1825of, Coos, New Hampshire I1335
25 Cole  Abt 1830of, Coos, New Hampshire I1334
26 Cole  Abt 1832of, Coos, New Hampshire I1333
27 Cole  Abt 1834of, Coos, New Hampshire I1332
28 Cole  Abt 1843of, Coos, New Hampshire I1307
29 Cole, Amanda  Abt 1837of, Coos, New Hampshire I1310
30 Cole, Clifford Jr  Abt 1835of, Coos, New Hampshire I1311
31 Cole, Darwin  Abt 1839of, Coos, New Hampshire I1309
32 Cole, Eliza  Abt 1778of, Coos, New Hampshire I1331
33 Cole, Fanny  10 Oct 1839of, Coos, New Hampshire I4058
34 Cole, Julia M  Abt 1840of, Coos, New Hampshire I3498
35 Cole, Katherine  Abt 1835of, Coos, New Hampshire I52608
36 Cole, Lorenzo  7 Dec 1828of, Coos, New Hampshire I52593
37 Cole, Mary Jane  Abt 1842of, Coos, New Hampshire I52610
38 Cole, Silas  Abt 1807of, Coos, New Hampshire I1293
39 Cole, Weeden  20 Oct 1800of, Coos, New Hampshire I4474
40 Cole, Zoa  Abt 1841of, Coos, New Hampshire I1308
41 Collins, Sarah  Abt 1790of, Coos, New Hampshire I505
42 Cook, Bert  Abt 1873of, Coos, New Hampshire I1746
43 Cook, Frederick N  Abt 1845of, Coos, New Hampshire I1750
44 Cook, Louise  Abt 1871of, Coos, New Hampshire I1747
45 Cook, Mary  Abt 1875of, Coos, New Hampshire I1745
46 Currie, John C  Abt 1873of, Coos, New Hampshire I1128
47 Davis, Llewellyn Arthur  Abt 1873of, Coos, New Hampshire I8609
48 Day, Winfred Mertie  4 Apr 1889of, Coos, New Hampshire I176186
49 Edwards, Marcia  Abt 1811of, Coos, New Hampshire I1255
50 Field  Abt 1890of, Coos, New Hampshire I36631

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baldwin / Leavitt  7 Aug 1878of, Coos, New Hampshire F835
2 Bellows / Lucas  Abt 1886of, Coos, New Hampshire F538
3 Bickford / Leavitt  16 Mar 1862of, Coos, New Hampshire F558
4 Chimeria / Leavitt  Abt 1860of, Coos, New Hampshire F504
5 Cole / Leavitt  21 Jul 1822of, Coos, New Hampshire F563
6 Cole / Smith  4 May 1857of, Coos, New Hampshire F20008
7 Cole / Stone  15 Oct 1850of, Coos, New Hampshire F20009
8 Cole / Wade  Abt 1832of, Coos, New Hampshire F549
9 Cook / Leavitt  Abt 1870of, Coos, New Hampshire F729
10 Currie / Leavitt  10 Jun 1904of, Coos, New Hampshire F482
11 Davis / Booth  Abt 1898of, Coos, New Hampshire F3303
12 Day / Day  Est 1906of, Coos, New Hampshire F63238
13 Day / Leavitt  1840of, Coos, New Hampshire F63236
14 Field / Wood  Abt 1913of, Coos, New Hampshire F14752
15 Fisk / Leavitt  Abt 1833of, Coos, New Hampshire F553
16 Forbush /   Abt 1817of, Coos, New Hampshire F1672
17 Forbush / Leavitt  2 Aug 1860of, Coos, New Hampshire F834
18 Garland / Garland  Abt 1812of, Coos, New Hampshire F1555
19 Gould / Leavitt  12 Jun 1901of, Coos, New Hampshire F3604
20 Gould / Patterson  6 May 1929of, Coos, New Hampshire F3605
21 Green / Leavitt  Abt 1849of, Coos, New Hampshire F704
22 Hagan / Cole  Abt 1799of, Coos, New Hampshire F562
23 Hager / Leavitt  20 Jul 1818of, Coos, New Hampshire F840
24 Hawes / Day  Est 1877of, Coos, New Hampshire F63233
25 Haynes / Applebee  Abt 1839of, Coos, New Hampshire F25909
26 Hinds / Leavitt  Abt 1835of, Coos, New Hampshire F552
27 Hodgdon / Leavitt  26 Dec 1847of, Coos, New Hampshire F1691
28 Hyatt / Leavitt  Abt 1868of, Coos, New Hampshire F702
29 Johnson / Leavitt  Abt 1860of, Coos, New Hampshire F703
30 Kimball / Wescott  Abt 1862of, Coos, New Hampshire F546
31 Lear / Glover  Abt 1812of, Coos, New Hampshire F708
32 Leavitt /   Abt 1769of, Coos, New Hampshire F3770
33 Leavitt /   Abt 1846of, Coos, New Hampshire F560
34 Leavitt / Barnes  25 Feb 1821of, Coos, New Hampshire F838
35 Leavitt / Blake  Abt 1850of, Coos, New Hampshire F837
36 Leavitt / Boober  Abt 1858of, Coos, New Hampshire F836
37 Leavitt / Carberry  16 Jul 1928of, Coos, New Hampshire F828
38 Leavitt / Cole  13 Oct 1857of, Coos, New Hampshire F1551
39 Leavitt / Cole  21 Jul 1861of, Coos, New Hampshire F1491
40 Leavitt / Collins  3 Oct 1815of, Coos, New Hampshire F219
41 Leavitt / Crowell  17 Oct 1891of, Coos, New Hampshire F544
42 Leavitt / Forbush  24 Jun 1849of, Coos, New Hampshire F1660
43 Leavitt / Goodwin  Abt 1911of, Coos, New Hampshire F506
44 Leavitt / Hagan  10 Sep 1826of, Coos, New Hampshire F561
45 Leavitt / Haines  Abt 1934of, Coos, New Hampshire F505
46 Leavitt / James  Abt 1827of, Coos, New Hampshire F1414
47 Leavitt / Leavitt  Abt 1809of, Coos, New Hampshire F140
48 Leavitt / Lucas  10 Sep 1895of, Coos, New Hampshire F1553
49 Leavitt / Mardon  1794of, Coos, New Hampshire F1531
50 Leavitt / Marshall  1 Jan 1889of, Coos, New Hampshire F1646

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